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West Hartford, CT and the entire region is subjected to its fair share of hot humid summer days & nights.  When you are in need of a new central AC system, you can count on Barrieau Oil for fast, fair, and expert air conditioning installation services.

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If your AC unit is not operating as well as it should be or you notice higher than normal cooling bills, it might be time for an upgraded system.

Not only do newer AC systems offer great comfort and features, they are also very energy efficient, thus costing less to run and maintain.

At Barrieau Oil, we use some of the industry's best-in-class systems including Comfort Air, Heil, Trane, and York. Rely on us to install your AC unit, and feel assured knowing that everything is back by the manufacturer's guarantee.

Our employees are experts at new air conditioning installations. Everyone in our company is fully educated and ready for any project in the Central CT area. You can rest assured knowing your new cooling system will be installed for optimal efficiency and comfort.

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For the best HVAC experts in West Hartford, be sure to call Barrieau Oil today. We offer free, no-obligation, in-home estimates, and consultations. You can count on us to provide the best central air conditioning upgrade options, ductless cooling installation solutions, and all your residential, commercial, and industrial cooling solutions. Read more.

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Air Conditioning Installation In West Hartford CT

A new air conditioner for your home is a serious investment. After all, it will impact your energy costs and comfort during the summer season for the next decade or so. With this, you should consider several factors when selecting a new AC unit. First and foremost, make sure that you are aware of the proper size that your home needs. Unfortunately, it is common for homeowners to invest in an oversized system, which leads to a slew of issues. When determining the AC unit size that your house needs, talk to a professional HVAC contractor.

The air conditioner that you choose should be able to meet your cooling needs. It should be capable of properly cooling your home in an efficient manner. Operating costs will certainly impact your wallet. The best way to gauge air conditioner efficiency is to check its SEER rating.  The higher the SEER, the more efficient the unit is. By choosing a unit with a high SEER rating, you can get more cooling power while using less energy.

Air conditioner type is certainly a factor to consider. There are various options on the market. The one you pick should be the right size to match your home. Our cooling specialists can assist you to find an air conditioner that will best suit your needs.

Air conditioner installation is another important consideration. The unit needs to be installed correctly for it to provide the comfort you need and live up to its SEER rating. Only experienced technicians will be able to install an AC unit the way it's supposed to. For superior air conditioner installs, get in touch with Barrieau Oil.

Before Your West Hartford Cooling Equipment Installation

Barrieau Oil installs the following brands:

  • Comfort Air
  • Heil
  • Trane
  • York

Every home is unique. This is why we send one of our seasoned experts to evaluate your home before any major decisions are made. By coming to your home, we can think all aspects that would affect your interior temperature. Some of the factors we keep in mind are

  • type of roof insulation
  • size
  • layout
  • number of people in your family
  • how many floors your house has
  • windows

Our technicians will also inspect the outside of your house, so we can determine the best location for the AC condenser. It is important for us to get the task done correctly. We want to have the peace of mind that you made a smart investment.

Prior to installation, we will give you a sensible quote and make sure that you fully understand the setup procedure. We promise to provide you with the best AC service for your budget. We are fully prepared to set up your unit after you've reviewed our quote!

During Your West Hartford Cooling Equipment Installation

Afterward, we are ready to install your air conditioning system. Once your air conditioner is in place, our team thoroughly checks the AC unit. They make sure to check for proper airflow in the home. You expect us to leave your home in good condition. We promise to treat every property like our own and ensure that everything is clean and comfortable afterward.

After Your West Hartford Cooling Equipment Installation

After cleaning up and checking the system, our technician will walk you through your new AC system. This will help you understand how to operate your new equipment. Of course, we will leave you with a manual for future reference. At this point, you will receive the manufacturer's warranty and labor guarantee. Give us a call whenever an issue arises with your new unit.

All of the Barrieau Oil HVAC technicians receive continued education and certifications as a way to stay up to date on all cooling makes and models that we install. With our many years of experience, we promise to set up your new air conditioner correctly, the first time around. Give us a call for all of your HVAC needs in West Hartford, CT.

For any job in the West Hartford area, call Barrieau Oil to get the job done right. We guarantee to help you with all your HVAC issues and give you a solution within your budget plan.

Contact us at (860) 953-6111 or complete the form below to get a no-obligation, no-pressure quote today!