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You can count on the experts at Barrieau Oil to install the best furnace equipment for your home or business. Our furnace installation technicians are professionally trained and will see to it that your home's heating system is installed correctly the first time!

The work that we do is backed by the manufacturer's warranty, so you know you are in safe hands. Have peace of mind that your furnace installation is the best in the area when done by Barrieau Oil.

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Greco Energy furnace installation service

As a leading HVAC contractor serving West Hartford & beyond, Barrieau Oil specializes in installing furnaces for your home or company.

Our furnace installation specialists can handle the installation of all major furnace manufacturers. Our entire HVAC team takes great satisfaction with installing new heating systems and ensuring customer satisfaction!

When you are choosing your new furnace, there are a couple of factors to take into consideration. AFUE is the efficiency rating for heating equipment. Systems that have good levels of energy ratings are generally more pricey but will keep your utility bill reasonable.

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If you want to minimize your carbon footprint, think about choosing a device with a higher AFUE rating. The furnace capacity or overall size is measured by BTUs. If you have a larger home, you will need a heating system that is sized bigger. Another factor to consider is the type of blower that is equipped with the system. Variable speed blowers can more accurately control the amount of air that is used in your home.

Our expert furnace professionals will assist throughout the decision-making process to ensure that you receive the best heating equipment to meet your budget and home comfort needs.

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Professional West Hartford Furnace Installation Services

Before buying a new furnace for your home, make sure that you are fully educated on the available furnace models on the market.

West Hartford Gas Furnaces

The most commonly used type of furnace in homes is the gas furnace. It is an excellent furnace for homes that are located in climates with extreme winter conditions. The initial cost of a gas furnace may seem steep. However, they enable the homeowner to save significantly in the long run.

These furnaces are extremely energy-efficient, quickly heating either a residential or commercial space. A gas furnace does require HVAC services throughout its lifespan, including annual maintenance, ductwork repairs, and regular air filter replacements.

West Hartford Electric Furnaces

When comparing various types of furnace prices, you may notice that electric furnaces are the most affordable. Interestingly enough, although they may cost less initially, these types of furnaces (also known as heat pumps) come with high operating costs. An electric furnace works well in climates that do not experience extreme temperatures (below-freezing temperatures) during the winter season. For more temperate climates, an electric furnace is an excellent choice. The systems are generally small in size, are easy to maintain, and have a long service life.

West Hartford Oil Furnaces

For homes and commercial properties that are located in areas with severe winters, an oil-fired furnace is an excellent choice. These systems require a heating oil tank, which means that it will take up some space on your property. Furthermore, with oil-fired heating systems, you will need to schedule oil deliveries with an oil supplier to ensure that your tank has enough oil to heat your home. Many homes require an oil delivery quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, depending on your oil tank size and heating requirements.

Overall, there are a handful of considerations to keep in mind when selecting a heating unit for your home. Some factors include size or load calculation, additional features, and more.

The professionals at Barrieau Oil can provide you with a free, in-home estimate for your West Hartford, CT home or office. Our experienced HVAC technicians will help select the unit that meets your heating needs while working within your budget. They have the knowledge and experience to all makes and models perfectly. Call us now for your next HVAC job.

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