Heating Oil Payment Plans

To assist customers in the management of their home heating bills, Barrieau Oil offers three types of fuel oil pricing plans.

The Barrieau Oil pricing plans help our customers control the changes that occur in the energy markets.

Our oil pricing programs are limited and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Don’t wait to protect your family and your budget from escalating energy prices.

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Heating Oil Price Cap Plan

The Price Cap Plan serves to protect you from the inevitable increase in heating oil prices. In addition, it allows you to buy oil at a lower rate in the event that prices fall.

When you choose the Price Cap Plan, we will set an agreed-upon price that your heating oil price (or cap rate) won’t go over. If market prices fall below this price, you pay the lower cost!

The Price Cap Plan includes a 12-month Budget Plan (depending on when you sign up). This spreads your fuel oil costs evenly throughout the year. It is an excellent way to manage your energy bills easily!

  • Benefit from a price ceiling as well as from falling prices
  • Protection against dramatic increases or decreases in fuel cost
  • Automatic Delivery for year-round convenience
  • Based on fixed amounts of fuel and estimated annual fuel usage

Barrieau Oil’s Basic Service Agreement includes a heating system tune-up, ensuring that your system performs to its highest efficiency. This reduces your heating bill and increases the lifespan of your equipment. Should you choose the Price Cap Plan, be sure to include the Basic Service Agreement as a way to ensure your comfort during the cold season.

Heating Oil PrePay Plan

With the Heating Oil PrePay Plan, you can lock in a low fixed rate that remains the same and cannot be changed once it is locked in.

This plan offers many benefits. You can purchase your annual supply of heating oil at an attractive fixed rate while experiencing the convenience of automatic oil delivery. You can also get the PrePay Plan with Cap Downside Protection. This way, you can benefit from price drops. Essentially, you pay a maximum price that won't go over your cap. However, if market oil prices drop, so does yours!

  • Price ceiling your fuel won’t go over
  • Automatic Delivery for comfort and convenience all year long
  • Fixed-rate oil bought annually so you know what you are going to pay

Enrollment is available for the PrePay Plan from April 1st to October 1st.

Heating Oil Budget Plan

Why pay sky-high fuel bills in the winter and low bills in the summer? With the Heating Oil Budget Plan, you can divide your annual fuel costs into one predictable monthly payment. 12-month plans are available depending on when you enroll without Price Cap protection.

Fuel Oil Budget Plan Payments

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