Oil Tank Protection

TankSure LogoAlthough oil leaks are a rare occurrence, they may arise with older steel heating oil tanks. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to determine when an oil tank needs a replacement due to the fact that tanks corrode from the inside out. Barrieau Oil offers a program for our customers with above-ground and basement tanks in Connecticut.

The TankSure® Program

Barrieau Oil is proud to be an exclusive provider of the TankSure® Program, an effective approach for testing aboveground oil tanks. The TankSure Program provides the following:

  1. An annual ultrasonic test (approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) that checks the thickness of your tank’s walls
  2. A tank inspection certificate (available upon request) that documents your annual test and inspection. This may entitle you to a discount on your homeowner’s insurance and, if at some time you decide to sell your home, the certificate can make a sale easier.
  3. A $1,000 replacement warranty. If we detect a problem, we immediately notify you with a recommendation to replace your tank – before you have an expensive problem on your hands.
  4. For non-qualified tanks, a $200 credit toward a new oil tank installation (may be combined with loyalty credits).

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